How to Expertly Finger a Woman

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Blow her mind with only your fingertips.

The idea of fingering always makes me think about high school. It was held in such high regard by myself and my girlfriends. It always seemed so progressive, even though it could happen with all your clothes on. The first time I got fingered, I was a freshman in high school sitting in the front seat of a senior boy I had a crush on. His fingers were long and skinny, and I had watched them for countless hours as he played guitar in the band room.

After a hot makeout session that left the windows of his car fogged over, he pushed his hand into my pants as I laid back in the front seat as he instructed. He spread my lips open and pushed two fingers into my vagina. I wasn’t quite wet enough and it felt a little rougher than I was ready for at that age. The whole thing lasted five Minutes before he realized I’d rather be kissing and stopped.

I wasn’t sure what point of it was back then, but now, I think finger, when done right is one of the sexiest things ever. It still feels naughty and allows for a little foreplay action under a skirt or a table if you are being discrete. Here are some tips to finger your woman better than anyone else ever has.


The first thing that should happen before any sexual encounter is getting your partner’s consent. Not a nod or anything that could be seen as anything less than enthusiastic. While it is 2021 and I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, a string of rapes happening across the country on college campuses recently shows that not every person understands that you need consent before performing a sexual act with someone.

Make sure your nails are cut short or covered.

The first step to fingering a girl in a way that she will never forget is to make sure you have your nails taken care of. Most would think that this means that you have to have short nails, but thanks to all the lesbians on Tik Tok, I know that isn’t the case anymore.

You can actually purchase reusable finger covers or “cots” and they work great if you prefer to keep your fingernails long. Whatever your choice, short nails or covered, make sure that your nails won’t cause your partner any discomfort.

Fingering isn’t just about penetration.

Something that the guy in high school got wrong when he was fingering me way back then, was thinking that fingering is all about penetration. There are a ton of nerves in a woman’s vagina. Paying attention to the outer lips and clit area will bring a woman pleasure as well as ease her into the sexual situation.

Trying running your fingers along her vulva. Gently press your finger to her clit. Something that I like is when my partner uses their finger to make circles while touching my clit. The sensation is something you can’t find with anything but a finger and it can create immense pleasure.

Make sure she’s wet, or add lubricant.

This is another thing I feel like I shouldn’t have to point out, but you have to make sure that your partner is turned on enough to make fingering enjoyable. Vaginal dryness doesn’t always equal not being turned on. There have been times when I want to have sex but I don’t get as wet as I need to be.

Don’t be afraid to mix in some lubricant if it is needed. A little bit goes a long way and will make your partner more comfortable.

Don’t force your way in.

When you are ready to penetrate your partner, ease one finger inside her. If you feel any friction at all, you should stop and lubricate your finger or her vagina. You want your finger to be able to slide inside her gently.

Don’t try to start out penetrating her with more than one digit, that can be very uncomfortable. You want your partner to be as comfortable as possible. Any pain might ruin the mood for her or hurt her.

Start out nice and slow.

Something you often see in porn is right from the start, a guy fingering a girl as fast as his wrist and arm can manage. Not that this doesn’t feel good, but you have to work your way up to it. Tease her and caress all the parts of her vagina before diving inside her. Then when you do push inside her, thrust your finger slowly. Move that finger back and forth slowly at first to make sure she is comfortable and it feels good to her.

Leave that kind of rough from the start fingering to the porn professionals.

Watch and listen to her.

Your partner will give you cues that are both verbal and nonverbal. You need to be aware of both. Watch her face as you move your fingers in and out of her. Listen to see if her breathing speeds up.

If she stops you or makes a face like she is in pain, make sure to communicate with her that what you’re doing feels good, if it doesn’t you might need to use more lubrication, adjust your hand, or switch positions.

Multiple fingers are optional.

Another thing you commonly see in porn is the use of more than one finger. Sometimes, this feels amazing, but not every woman is going to enjoy it. Always start with one finger. Moving it in and out until you find a pace that feels good to her and is comfortable for you. After doing that for a while you can try sliding in another finger. When you push another finger inside your partner make sure to watch her face for any signs of pain or discomfort. You can even ask her if she likes it to make sure. If she doesn’t, simply remove the extra finger. No harm, no foul.

Move your finger in a “come here” motion.

For a long time, the internet has argued over whether or not the g-spot exists. I’m not sure if it does or doesn’t, but moving your finger in a “come to me” or hook motion will send a woman over the edge quicker than most things. This motion is achieved by putting your finger in her straight and then pulling the tip back towards the rest of your hand.

This causes you to press up against her g-spot which causes her to feel an incredible sensation that can run through her entire body. Once you figure the motion out, you can keep going until she cums, curling your finger toward you and then pointing it straight again. Repeat that motion over and over to bring her to orgasm.

Bonus points, Use Two Hands.

This is not to be used in public obviously, but if you are fingering your girl while at home, there isn’t anything stopping you from using both of your hands. One to finger her, thrusting in and out of her vagina, and the other to stimulate with her clit. This is what I would call expert-level fingering because it takes both hands and some great hand-eye coordination, but if you can master it, she’ll never forget you.

Fingering is still hot AF.

Though most of us have left fingering back in our younger days, I think it’s time we revive the skill and bring it back to the bedroom. Fingering still to this day feels very naughty to me and is a great way to make out with my partner while getting in some foreplay at the same time. Don’t believe me, try it out for yourself. Your girl will thank you.

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