How to Perform Oral Sex Any Woman Will Crave

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The knee-shaking, sheet grabbing, kind of ecstasy

Every night I have a sort of bedtime routine. I take a hot shower to wash away the day, and then all clean, I climb into my bed with my phone in one hand and my vibrator in the other. I actually get excited about it each night, pulling my panties off and tucking myself into bed. Watching porn and masturbating is like a wonderful hobby of mine.

I love watching men and ladies get it on, naked and touching each other. It makes me horny thinking about it now. But it wasn’t long that, after a while of avid viewing, I started to skip through each video’s beginning scenes. With most porn videos, the foreplay takes place first before things start to get really dirty.

It became a habit of mine to skip over the dick sucking and clit rubbing to get straight to the action, but it had never really occurred to me why I was doing it. At first, I thought maybe watching others during foreplay wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I had a moment of feeling like perhaps I was becoming desensitized to porn and was going to end up one of those addicts who watched porn so much it didn’t even turn them on anymore.

The idea of that being the truth horrified me.

If for no other reason than to prove to myself that this wasn’t what was happening, I set to watching a few different videos just through the first few scenes. After watching three or four, all with different actors, I realized that it wasn’t that foreplay didn’t turn me on, but rather inadequate foreplay.

I felt terrible for the women who were getting licked and flicked and sucked on because it didn’t look enjoyable at all. There are so many ways to bring a woman pleasure when it comes to eating her out, but after watching those videos, I realized that maybe it wasn’t common knowledge like I had thought.

Don’t just go right at it.

The amount of warming up in porn videos is pretty minimal and not how I would suggest going about it when you get your girl in the bedroom. Instead of heading straight down, undress her, kiss her, and use your hands to touch other places of her body. Take her lips in yours and let your fingers warm her up first.

Using your middle and forefingers, spread her lips open and delicately trace her edges. You know when she is turned on and ready for you to head down with your mouth just by how the moisture levels change.

“Eating” isn’t the right word.

Whoever came up with the term ‘eating pussy’ is one of those people who didn’t know how to please a woman, or so I’m guessing, because using the term eating could be misleading. At no point do I suggest that you try to eat, chew, or bite a woman’s vagina. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend that you use your teeth in any way unless specifically directed to do so.

Instead of thinking about it as eating, think of it more as licking an ice cream cone as it melts on a hot summer day. Use your tongue to lap up all her sweet wetness, running it along every part you can, inside and out.

Use all the gifts God gave you.

When it comes to giving excellent oral, there isn’t just one tool to get the job done. While it might seem that what you should be using the most is your mouth, that isn’t the only thing you can use to bring her pleasure. Do lick her, taste her, tease her, even run your lips along hers, but don’t stop there.

Flick your tongue against her clit. Use your mouth to suck on her clit and lips. Press your nose against her clit when she is about to cum, letting it throb against you. Encourage her to rub against it, bringing herself to climax.

Don’t be afraid to penetrate during oral, either. Take your fingers and slowly push inside her. Then, as you lick her clit, preferably in small circles, use your fingers and slowly pull them toward you. Think of it as the same motion you would use to get her to come towards you across the room at a crowded party, a come hither motion. This will allow your fingers to press against her g spot.

The combination of it all will bring her to an explosive, body — quaking orgasm.

Try new things.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of only doing the same thing over and over again when you know it gets the job done. When I first started dating girls, it was like a monumental achievement when I finally put all the puzzle pieces together and made her climax. But then, I wouldn’t do anything different or try anything new out of fear of her not getting off.

Looking back on it now, I was silly, but it is easy to fall into the trap of always doing what you know will work instead of trying something new that might work. Whether it is using toys, anal play, or perhaps just having her ride your face, don’t be afraid to try something new. It truly is what keeps sex exciting.

Bonus tip — Try rimming.

That’s right, and I went there. There isn’t any reason to leave out her taint or anus when you’re giving oral. I mean, you’re already in the area. Take the time to lick down the length of her taint, massaging it with your tongue. Then, if she is on her back, but one of her knees on each of your shoulders and roll her back just a bit to expose her anus.

Your tongue can slide all around the opening, along the rim, and even inside, whatever you and she are comfortable with. The sensation is incredible and something I recommend everyone try at least once.

If you’re lost, ask for directions.

There isn’t any shame in asking your partner to guide you through it if you don’t feel confident in your skills. The biggest mistake I made when I started having sex with women was assuming that it made me look bad if I asked them how they liked it.

I can’t tell you how many times I would have preferred a man to ask me what I liked before trying to rub my clit so hard it felt like it was going to detach from my body. There is no reason to feel uncomfortable about asking the woman you’re with to tell you how she likes to be pleased. She doesn’t expect you to know everything about her body, just as you can’t expect her to know everything about yours. Nobody knows her body better than her, so she is the perfect expert to guide you.

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