Idle Fantasies: Spy Vs. Spy

A group of friends arrive at a home they are renting for the weekend but discover that the house has fewer beds than advertised and that two of them will have to share one. After a quick game of rock-paper-scissors, its determined that Jade Venus and Eva Maxim, two new friends who only met that day, will be cozying up. That night, both Jade and Eva crawl into bed, each sticking to their own side. But after some time, Jade is too restless and takes a peek at Eva. She notices that Eva seems to be dozing, so takes the time to sneakily masturbate while spying on Evas sexy body. But when Eva stirs, Jade quickly stops and rolls over, pretending to be dozing so that she wont get caught. To Jades surprise, Eva starts stealing looks at HER body and begins masturbating as well! Now that they both know they have the same thing on their ****, its time to have a bit of fun. They eagerly grope each other and devour each others mouths, which soon leads to sucking each others cocks. But the REAL challenge now will be keeping as quiet as they move onto the main event...

Idle Fantasies: Spy Vs. Spy

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Goddess Venus

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