The Anal Experiment - Jade Venus & Khloe Kay

Jade Venus and Khloe Kay have stopped by to try their hand at The Anal Experiment. Yes, they will be getting down and dirty but first, theyre going to answer a few questions. Get ready for some unique and deep insights into the ins and outs of anal sex, courtesy of these two lovely performers. Why do they love anal sex? Khloe explains that as trans women, their G-Spot is in the ass, so its the perfect place to receive maximum pleasure. Jade pipes in, joking that trans women also have limited options. They share a laugh, very much at ease with each other. They are asked whether they are a giver or receiver. Jade replies that she enjoys topping since its an interesting power dynamic, admitting that she is a bit dominant. They both agree that anal is a bit taboo as well, which makes it even more fun. Jade and Khloe have worked together in the past, but mostly in group scenes. When asked what Khloe is excited about for todays experiment, she replies that she looks forward to being alone with Jade for once. They cant wait to give each other all the attention. Khloe describes what an orgasm feels like when it is stimulated by anal sex, saying its something you can feel throughout your whole body. Jade says that its also incredible when you can feel the other person orgasming anally while you are inside them. What advice would Jade and Khloe give to couples who are thinking of trying anal sex for the first time? Both Jade and Khloe agree that its important to go slow. Theres no need to rush. Khloe stresses the importance of being in touch with your partner and feeling things ***. They also describe certain toys they like using, such as butt-plugs, as well as how they both prefer silicon-based lube. When the topic of intimacy comes up, Jade mentions how anal sex is even MORE intimate than other positions since you have to trust the person you are performing with. Khloe agrees, stating that there is a lot of trust involved when you are letting someone perform anal with you. Luckily, Jade and Khloe trust each other very much and are ready to begin the experiment. The cameras keep rolling, and these two superstars get down to business.

The Anal Experiment - Jade Venus & Khloe Kay

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